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Hit the Books – Not the Brakes!

By August 14, 2018May 20th, 2020No Comments

Somehow the summer months are dwindling, and we can almost feel the crisp of fall in the air which means school is back in session. Not only does this result in our social lives picking up pace and reestablishing our routine, it also means an increased amount of driving.

Are you adding a teen driver to your auto policy during this busy season? Or is your child just starting school and driving on their own? While most people understand the dangers that come with driving, it’s often overlooked how much more risk is involved when teens and young adults are behind the wheel. It’s important to equip your teen as much as you can with the skills and knowledge necessary before setting them out on the road.

Did you know on average 6 teens die and 650+ are injured DAILY in the US because of motor vehicle crashes? 6 out of 10 teen crashes are caused by distracted driving. Additionally – individuals in the range of 16-19-years-old have the highest risk of motor vehicle crashes than any other age group

We want to do our best to help you feel prepared this school year so your kids are hitting the books, instead of hitting their brakes.

Below are some ways to be prepared this school season.

  • Be aware of your state laws. For example, in Nebraska, a teen is allowed to obtain a learner’s permit when they turn 14. This allows them to have more time to practice driving with a parent or guardian in the car with them before hitting the road on their own.
  • Enroll the student in a Drivers’ Education Course. Most companies will offer a discount to newly licensed drivers who take this course, and additionally, the student will become more aware of the laws of the road.
  • Urge your child to keep their eyes on the road and not on their phone. Sometimes enacting a “no phone” policy while driving can save lives. Additionally, setting a limit for passengers can result in less distracted driving. Statistics show that crash risk increases for each teenage passenger in a teen driver’s car.

Looking to Save $$?

  • Inquire about a Good Student Discount. Students with at least a B average can often receive a credit of up to 20%.
  • Look into an Electronic Monitoring System. Through certain companies, a simple car plug-in monitors driving ability for a specified period of time. If the data gathered reflects safe driving habits, your child can receive a discount on their insurance rates.
  • Consider bundling. Often times, bundling home and auto insurance with one company can save you money.
  • Meet with your local GTA representative to discuss the discounts available to you. We recommend including your teen in this discussion so he or she will understand the responsibility incurred in driving as well as the impact it has on the family budget.





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