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Greg Choquette Tribute

By October 1, 2013January 24th, 2020No Comments


A special tribute has been made in memory of a man that was very near and dear to the hearts of those at the Gary Thompson Agency. The agency partners got together with Mrs. Tammy Choquette on August 25th to pay tribute to a new lamp post that the agency purchased for the Franklin Country Club in memory of the late Greg Choquette, former partner/owner of the Gary Thompson Agency. Greg enjoyed golfing and spent a lot of his spare time at the Country Club, so GTA felt it was only appropriate that something was donated to the Country Club in honor of Greg. The lamp post sits directly in front of the Club House for all to see. The Franklin Country Club was very appreciative of this contribution as they too want Greg to be remembered around the course. Greg is greatly missed by the Gary Thompson Agency and will always be remembered by all of those that had the pleasure of knowing and working with him. He was a valued partner and a great friend to all owners and staff!


Pictured (left to right): Krae Dutoit, Matt Hawley, Crale Bauer, Johnie Kamery, Terry Thompson, Gary Thompson, and John Thompson 




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