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Gary Thompson Agency presents EMC Dividend Checks

By April 17, 2013January 24th, 2020No Comments

Gary Thompson Agency presented five dividend checks from EMC Insurance Companies to the following Nebraska cities, villages and rural fire department for their Municipality Safety Dividend Program:

  • City of Deshler
  • City of Superior
  • Village of Guide Rock
  • Village of Lawrence
  • Lawrence Rural Fire Protection District
  • City of Red Cloud
  • Village of Bloomington

Pictured are Gary Thompson Agency President, Terry Thompson, presenting a check to the Village of Guide Rock.

Terry Thompson with Licensed Agent and Blue Hill office manager, Tyson Jordening, presenting checks to Village of Lawrence and the Rural Fire Protection District.

Licensed Agent and Deshler office manager, Al Holle, presenting a check to City of Deshler.


Terry Thompson and Licensed Agent and Superior office manager, Waid Vontz, presenting a check to the City of Superior.

 Terry Thompson and Licensed Agent, Bridget Daehling, presenting a check to the City of Red Cloud.

This marks the 15th time in the past 19 years EMC has paid a dividend in the state of Nebraska.  The dividend in 2013 represents 14.6% of eligible premium.

EMC was recently ranked in the Top 100 of “Most Trustworthy Companies” by Forbes Magazine in all industries. A contributing factor to allow EMC to pay the dividends is the focus on safety and loss control by each of the members.  EMC provides a large number of resources that allow Cities, Villages, and Fire Departments access to numerous safety and loss control services specific to their needs.

EMC and their local agents are delivering 321 checks in 2013.  EMC insures nearly half the cities eligible in Nebraska for the Municipality Safety Dividend program.  Through this program; Cities, Villages, and Fire Departments are able to secure a comprehensive and competitive insurance program with a financially strong insurance carrier along with local representation, access to safety and loss control services, and true flexibility in solving their risk protection needs.

Gary Thompson Agency is a full service insurance provider in the state of Nebraska and Kansas. Please contact us with any insurance questions, to get an insurance quote or any requests for your insurance policy.


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